SDL Tridion: Enabling multiple Content Deployer Services in the same machine

Recently, I had to install multiple FTP deployers on the same server for testing purposes.
In order to achieve this, I needed to install several Content Deployers as Windows Services, by performing these steps:

Create a new config folder in your desired location, i.e: C:\MyNewDeployer\config.

In this new location, add your configuration files: cd_deployer_conf.xml, cd_storage_conf.xml, cd_licenses.xml, logback.xml.

You won't need to have a lib folder present, as the deployer will first check the tridion_home\lib folder.

To allow that each deployer uses its own temporary folder, ensure that each cd_storage_conf.xml is pointing to a different temporary location, by adding the TempFileSystemTransactionLocation attribute in the Storages element, as follows:
 <Storages TempFileSystemTransactionLocation="c:\temp\MyNewDeployer"

Open a command-prompt window and navigate to your tridion_home\bin folder;

Run the command: cd_deployer.exe -install "My Deployer" -configLocation=C:\MyNewDeployer\config"  

You should then see a similar output to the one below: 

If you now navigate to  the Services, you will see the newly created Deployer: 

Note: If, for some reason, you need to delete the newly created deployer, you can achieve this by running this command from your Tridion_home\bin folder: 

 cd_deployer.exe -remove "My Deployer"


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