SDL Tridion: Steps to deploy and enable Tridion 2009/ 2009 SP1 Broker, Linking, WAI and Monitor Services in Tridion 2011 SP1

If you need to still make use of the Tridion 2009 Services in Tridion 2011 version, you can achieve this by following these steps:

1. Locate the DLL's for the deprecated 2009 API's from the SDL Tridion 2009/2009 SP1 installation media (SDL Tridion 2009\SDL Tridion 2009 SP1\Content Delivery\dotNet\deprecated)

2. Copy the DLL's, depending on the services you wish to install, to your <Tridion>\bin directory and to your website\bin folder:


3.  Locate the Broker, Linking, WAI and Monitoring executables from SDL Tridion 2009/2009 SP1 installation media (SDL Tridion 2009\SDL Tridion 2009 SP1\Content Delivery\windows )

4. Copy these executables (cd_broker.exe,cd_link.exe,cd_wai.exe,cd_monitor.exe) to your <Tridion>\bin directory

5. Open a command prompt window, go to your <Tridion>\bin directory and install the Services manually by running the following command:
cd_broker.exe -install
cd_link.exe -install
cd_wai.exe -install
cd_monitor.exe - install
6. Verify in the Services if these Services have been installed and you should be able to start them successfully.

7. Create a new page with the following code, adjusting to your publication id, page id and component id:

set olink=pagelink.GetLink("publicationURI"," pageURI","","","",false,"")

response.write pageLink.GetLinkAsString("publicationURI","pageURI","","","Test Page",True)


response.write compLink.GetLinkAsString("publicationURI"," pageURI","templateURI ","tcm:0-0-0","","Component - Where Cashmere Comes From",True,False)

When viewing the page, it should now resolve and display the newly created links, as when viewing the page created on the 1st step.


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